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Christian Worship

Since the beginning of charismatic movement of the 1960s there have been significant changes to Christian worship practices of many denominations.

First, contemporary worship music is now widespread and can be found in many churches, including those that do not subscribe to a charismatic theology. This music is written in the style of popular music or folk music and therefore differs considerably from traditional hymns. It is frequently played on a range of instruments that would not have previously been used in churches such as guitars (including electric) and drum kits. Use of the pipe organ is therefore less prevalent.

Second, a new music-centered approach to worship, known as contemporary worship, is now commonplace. This replaces the traditional order of worship based around liturgy or a “hymn-prayer sandwich” with extended periods of congregational singing sometimes referred to as “block worship”. A contributing factor to this, again resulting from the charismatic movement, is the creation of numerous new churches (such as the Vineyard churches), which have experienced significant growth and dramatically altered the composition of Protestant Christianity. These new churches are outside of established denominations and adopted charismatic theology and contemporary forms of worship from the outset.


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