Message from – Connie Casiano

  Christian Women Connection

CWC has indeed been a blessing as we experience various changes in our ministry and community. As always we continue to reach out and encourage the women to seek the Lord in their journey.  Our ladies at Sky View Chapel are blooming with the joy and excitement of What God is doing in their families, and are eager to share their testimonies with everyone.

The ladies of Sky View Chapel led by Lillian Johnson are busy making plans for an exciting and fulfilling program.They prepare something special such cookies, or other baked goods.

We are blessed to be an active group whose desire and goal is to serve our church family and our community.

As we look forward to what God has for each and everyone in the days to come, I invite you to come and be part of this awesome group of ladies.

“It’s All or Nothing, God wants me 100 Percent”

I am so grateful to God for His continuing love and grace toward us (me). I am now 16 years cancer free, Praise Jesus.

I remember back sometime ago when one Sunday the pastor was asking people who wanted to receive Jesus to come forward. He kept saying that he knew there was one more person who wanted to come up. I wouldn’t go up, but I was sure he meant me.

One thing I knew was that it would be an all-or-nothing thing-that God wanted me 100 percent, and I didn’t want to make that decision until I was sure about it.

Now that was many years for me, but perhaps you are right there, today? Friend, the Christian life is never dull, God is with you and will be there for you every step of the way.

I want to extend a friendly invitation to all the ladies of our church as we all any others who would like to join us for our monthly meetings and fellowship. we meet on the first Saturday of each month at 10:00 An in The Hicks Center in our Church.


God’s Ministries are made possible by the donations received by friends like you Thank You!

Christian Women Connection – CWC

What is the Christian Women Connection?

Women of the Church of God conducted the Relevance survey and asked women about their needs and how to meet them. We found that women need connection with God, with other women and with places of service both within and outside of the church.

The Christian Women Connection was born from the conversations following that survey. The mission of the Christian Women Connection is to serve Christ through serving women and equipping them for ministry.

To accomplish our mission, Christian Women Connection provides women’s ministry resources to the Church of God for connecting women through relationships, spiritual formation and service.

Below are listed a few of the resources currently available to help you catch the vision of the future as we build on the foundation established as the Women of the Church of God and become Christian Women Connection where there is a place for every woman where every woman takes her place.

Our Staff

WCG – President – Lillian Johnson

Connie Casiano – CWC Ambassador

Cheryl Wolfe – Secretary

All young ladies and women are encouraged to participate in our great ministry. Please call 760-285-9713 for more information.