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We believe that God works through ordinary people and their stories.

Possibility Pictures is about inspiring individuals to show up in the lives of the people around them. We want to inspire people to show up in their community as the hands and feet of Christ … to show up with hope.

People find themselves in our stories … whether they are someone who needs hope or they need to be inspired to bring hope to those in their world. Our heart is to enlighten our world to the lasting hope of Jesus Christ.

“Letters to God” is the story of when hope shows up in the lives of ordinary people. Through the circumstances of one boy, Tyler Doherty, a community of individuals find hope for the challenges they are facing. Tyler’s simple trust in God and the loving family and friends around him help him face his daily battle with cancer.

As this eight-year-old boy writes letters to God about his fears, his questions and the road he is facing, his life intersects with Brady McDaniels. Brady is at a crossroads in his life when he finds Tyler’s letters, a place where he has no hope. At the beginning, Brady believes he is a part of this story to bring Tyler hope but as time goes on he finds the hope that carries Tyler through his journey.

Inspired by a true story, “Letters to God” gives us a picture of how when hope shows, lives are changed. Who has shown up in your life? How has hope entered your life? Allow your story to inspire others in our community by sharing your story on our Facebook page.

* If God has been speaking to your heart about working with Married Couples, we have the opportunity to do. Just email Pastor Abe at